Taking the Time to Tune In…


On the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina–It’s a beautiful autumn day and lots of people are enjoying the color.  They jump out of their cars at the pull-offs, gaze for a moment or take a photo.  But, we notice that they are not taking the few extra moments to “tune in” to the living Beings in the scene.

All those beautiful trees who are putting on the colorful show have messages for us.  They are saying, “We are stressed with climate change.  We are not healthy! All of the living beings in our ecosystems are not bio-energetically connected.  Please help us!”

Dr. Jim and I are here to help them.  We are doing Tree Whispering and Cooperative BioBalance processes–it’s ecological energy medicine!

You can help too.  Take that extra moment to become peaceful inside when you are looking at the beautiful autumn colors.  “Tune in”–as if you were adjusting a dial–to Nature’s wisdom and intelligence.  Open your heart to receive a message.

Then, in your heart say a Healing Whisper® to the trees, “I care for you.  Please release blockages  and have Growth Energy distribute where it is needed inside of your body and Being.” 

Your conscious attention and intention on behalf of the living Beings of Nature will have a positive result!  It will energize them and boost their bio-energy vibration in a similar way to when you give positive words to another person!

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