Tree Whispering® is about having happy experiences of connection, sharing information, and mutual healing with another living Being who happens to be Green.

Tree Whispering goes beyond mere “how-tos” and leads people into collaborative, enlightened stewardship of their land. How? People touch the trees, ask question and get answers through their intuition, then act in concert with Nature’s wisdom. It’s satisfying.

Tree Whispering paves the way for ecological restoration—not through products or attempts to control Nature, but through easy, holistic, and consciousness-based processes anyone can do to bring balance into their backyard ecosystems. It’s joyful and empowering.

Tree Whispering promises a chance to unite your Spirit with Nature’s wisdom, the chance to stretch into new ideas about what is needed for tree health and livable ecosystems, and an antidote to ecological resignation: being able to restore environmental health and make a difference through your healing actions empowers you.