Messages from a Coastal Live Oak Tree

P1050997 Trelanya

You can receive messages from trees while Tree Whispering. This magnificent Coastal Live Oak called “TreLanYa” in the Bay area of northern California told me quite a story.  I simply focused my attention, opened my heart and asked it how old it was.  I had to grab my pen because it started to convey images into my mind’s eye and a story into my heart.

Through Ms. Basia Alexander, here are some of the things it said:

“I have been in this particular form since Native Americans cultivated my seed here with their toil and their great vision for this mountain top.  Look around.  Imagine it without permanent structures, roads, or clearing.

“Is it not a great signal hill? But it is even better as a good home for families.  It is not too close to the ravages of rock, sea, and wind on the coast.  There are secret level ways to walk to get there, though.

“A great chief liked this place for its peace and hidden-ness. He was first to learn of the coming of outsiders and tried to hide and protect his people here. He who planted me here may not have known what was to come for this land, but the hope in his heart was for peace.  With that hope, he attracted my consciousness to the bare seedling he put into this spot.

“My youth was “normal” in that I simply thrived here, first as a single trunk, then as a clump and now “I” am quite merged into a tripod of structures.  The trickle of a sweet spring flows up from deep below and nourishes me even in drought.  I have maximized my growth to reach for it as there is ebb and flow from year to year.  Thus far, even the most deep of droughts and even the most disruptive of human intrusions nearby have not yet quenched its flow.”





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