Liz W.’s trees in New Paltz, New York, after Hurricane Sandy

“During any storm, we come inside, but we leave the Beings we love––such as our trees and the living Beings of our gardens––outside. With the Storm Prep Whispers, they don’t have to just fend for themselves. We can help the trees survive.

Liz continues, “In the days prior to the storm, I took the Storm Prep Whispers to heart. At my bedroom window, I stood and connected directly from my heart with a huge pine tree. I used your wording as best I could. I also remembered something you said about asking the trees to pass the messages on to their brethren, their cousins, around the world.

“I could picture the roots of all these trees. If I were to look down on the earth, I could imagine seeing down the inside of the tree trunks, going into the earth, and seeing all the roots intertwined into one giant network of roots holding each other fast. I would say the messages to one tree, then to all the trees around my apartment complex.

“Then on the morning of the storm, I did the same. I spoke to the trees as if they were part of a network, not so much as individual trees. I said, “Please tighten your roots. Reach down deep to the rocks. Hold fast. I know you are all listening. Please pass this message along. I thank you all.” I knew that these trees were not standing alone. Other trees elsewhere were helping my trees, too.

“On Monday morning at 6 am, as the storm approached, I wanted to get out there and walk around my small town. The wind hadn’t really picked up yet. There was no one out. I addressed the trees as I walked. I knew my energy would help the Whispers to be spread around every Being I met. I knew the energy of the universe could also be brought down or in, and spread out. I emphasized to them to really reach down with their roots. I would picture them anchoring their roots deeper, extending energetically to the core of the earth.

“I also emphasized dancing in the wind. You made it clear that if we could ask them to shed their leaves, that would help. I visualized sheets of leaves just flying in the wind.

“I forwarded the Storm Prep Whispers to my community.

“Some friends and I stayed in touch online. They replied that they were grateful not to have to helplessly watch their trees flail in the wind and worry. They said it was one thing they could do, in the face of feeling so much helplessness in the storm. A few said that they could go beyond just hoping for the best to offering something that could actually help their tree friends.

“My friend on Long Island said afterward, “I was out there giving those trees a pep talk!” I know she was in the game with them!  It helped her!”Liz Wassell Tree1

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