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  • Healing Whispers and other kinds of Whispers.
  • Climate Whispering and how to get Climate Whispers.
  • Can you Whisper?
  • Do You Want a Personal Experience? Or to Learn?

Healing Whispers and other kinds of Whispers

….are intentional messages conveyed from the heart that heal trees AND empower people.  They help trees and plants overcome environmental stress factors AND increase people’s well-being.  Of course, helping another living Being helps the helper.  People feel rejuvenated, too!

These are sets of structured and positive intentions.  Each comes with its own instructions.

  • Healing Whispers   (f*r*e*e postcard)
  • Gardening Whispers  (soon to be available at the StoreAndMore)
  • …more coming…

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If you have a dog, take these along while you walk!  But you don’t have to have a dog to take these along with you when you walk.  Just enjoy your time with Nature.

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Climate Whispering…

…and how to get Climate Whispers

Are intentional messages conveyed from the heart that balance ecosystems, help trees and other living Beings adapt to changes and extremes in climate, AND empower people.

These are sets of structured and positive intentions.  Each comes with its own instructions.

  • Storm Prep Whispers and After-Storm Whispers
  • Big Freeze Whispers
  • Blizzard Whispers
  • Drought Whispers
  • Whispers for Anticipating Wildfire
  • Wildfire Recovery Whispers
  • Whispers for Tree Loss (cutting down, falling, removal)
  • …and more…

To receive any of these Climate Whispers, please fill out the Contact form with the subject line:  “Please send me Whispers…”  and tell us which set of Whispers you would like.  If you want to, we would appreciate it if you would tell us the situation for why you want those Whispers.

Can You Whisper?

YES!  You can WHISPER.  Countless people have already Whispered with their trees and plants.  You’ll see photos of many of them on these websites.

Find out more by going to the Basic Info and Learn, Do, Share pages.

The Storm Prep Whispers sheet being held down by a rock as Hurricane Sandy approaches.

And, WHISPERING works!

Thousands of people saved their trees during Hurricane Sandy with the Storm Prep Whispers™.  Read their own words in the book People Saving Their Trees in Hurricane Sandy.

Laura and Dr. Jim doing the Storm Prep Whispers for her Maple tree just prior to Hurricane Sandy.










Do You Want A Personal Experience? Or to Learn?

When giving WHISPERS to a tree or plant, people talk from their hearts to Green Beings and so help those trees and plants to survive and thrive.  Healthy trees and plants mean a healthier you and an environmentally flourishing planet.


If you want to learn more, expand yourself, and have a good time, you may

It’s a two-way street: helping trees and plants provide benefits for your well-being, too.