Coastal Live Oak “TreLanYa”-Coming from OAK’s Point of View, Part 1

You can receive messages from trees while Tree Whispering. This magnificent Coastal Live Oak in the Bay area of northern California has some profound things to say about how people can come from a tree’s point of view.

This message came through Ms. Basia Alexander, and is the first of many messages from TreLanYa about coming from OAK’s point of view.

“The point of view of any particular Oak Being growing on a hill or in a valley or anywhere will have to do with its life in that place. Seeing through that Oak Being’s eyes—so to speak—would be so enjoyable for a person!

“While we don’t have physical eyes, we have awareness of Read more…

Storm Prep Whispers®

Use these intentional messages conveyed from the heart to help trees during a storm…especially this disastrous Hurricane Harvey coming in the Gulf Coast. These “whispers” or messages from the heart are effective.  They were used by hundreds of people during Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012.  People’s excellent results with saving their trees were documented in the book:  People Saving Their Trees in Hurricane Sandy.  More blog posts can be found-just search on either “Storm Prep Whispers” or “Hurricane Sandy.”


Taking the Time to Tune In…


On the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina–It’s a beautiful autumn day and lots of people are enjoying the color.  They jump out of their cars at the pull-offs, gaze for a moment or take a photo.  But, we notice that they are not taking the few extra moments to “tune in” to the living Beings in the scene.

All those beautiful trees who are putting on the colorful show have messages for us.  They are saying, “We are stressed with climate change.  We are not healthy! All of the living beings in our ecosystems are not bio-energetically connected.  Please help us!”

Dr. Jim and I are here to help them.  We are doing Tree Whispering and Cooperative BioBalance processes–it’s ecological energy medicine!

You can help too.  Take that extra moment to become peaceful inside when you are looking at the beautiful autumn colors.  “Tune in”–as if you were adjusting a dial–to Nature’s wisdom and intelligence.  Open your heart to receive a message.

Then, in your heart say a Healing Whisper® to the trees, “I care for you.  Please release blockages  and have Growth Energy distribute where it is needed inside of your body and Being.” 

Your conscious attention and intention on behalf of the living Beings of Nature will have a positive result!  It will energize them and boost their bio-energy vibration in a similar way to when you give positive words to another person!

WHISPER to Reconnect and Heal

From your heart and mind, say this intentional message of healing to trees and all Nature Beings.  Then, pause to receive their messages through your intuition and inner being!



Messages from a Coastal Live Oak Tree

P1050997 Trelanya

You can receive messages from trees while Tree Whispering. This magnificent Coastal Live Oak called “TreLanYa” in the Bay area of northern California told me quite a story.  I simply focused my attention, opened my heart and asked it how old it was.  I had to grab my pen because it started to convey images into my mind’s eye and a story into my heart.

Through Ms. Basia Alexander, here are some of the things it said:

“I have been in this particular form since Native Americans cultivated my seed here with their toil and their great vision for this mountain top.  Look around.  Imagine it without permanent structures, roads, or clearing.

“Is it not a great signal hill? But it is even better as a good home for families.  It is not too close to the ravages of rock, sea, and wind on the coast.  There are secret level ways to walk to get there, though.

“A great chief liked this place for its peace and hidden-ness. He was first to learn of the coming of outsiders and tried to hide and protect his people here. He who planted me here may not have known what was to come for this land, but the hope in his heart was for peace.  With that hope, he attracted my consciousness to the bare seedling he put into this spot.

“My youth was “normal” in that I simply thrived here, first as a single trunk, then as a clump and now “I” am quite merged into a tripod of structures.  The trickle of a sweet spring flows up from deep below and nourishes me even in drought.  I have maximized my growth to reach for it as there is ebb and flow from year to year.  Thus far, even the most deep of droughts and even the most disruptive of human intrusions nearby have not yet quenched its flow.”






Consider Something Different to Help Ash Trees

Killing the Emerald Ash Borer it hasn’t worked yet.

This insect came in from Asia, probably in some wood.  It came into the Great Lakes and began spreading through Michigan to the east.  In just about 15 years, it’s found it’s way into New England states, and even to Colorado.  How could a small insect get that far?   People have moved firewood and spread the Emerald Ash Borer from town to town.

The finger of blame is usually pointed at the Emerald Ash Borer for the death of millions of Ash trees.  But what most people don’t know is that Read more…

Telesummit Interview at Healing Earth, Healing Self

HealingEarthHealingSelf The Healing Earth, Healing Self Telesummit gathered together a wonderful group of experts speaking around the topic that wellness the planet and wellness for individuals is highly inter-related.

Conroy and Alexander were honored to be a part of this wonderful group. Chara has allowed us to make the recording available here for no charge. However, we highly recommend clicking on this link to visit Mutual Flourishing for Self & Earth and hear the Healing Earth, Healing Self telesummit recordings and others on her website.

Carol Behan Interviews Conroy and Alexander on Blog Talk Radio

Our friend and Tree Whispering graduate, Carol Behan, invited us to be on her radio show. It was great fun to talk with her and explain what Tree Whispering and Cooperative BioBalance is all about!

Carol Behan’s radio show, Voices of the Earth, on the Art of Living Well Network of Blog Talk Radio:


Asking trees

P1000788 Basia Ash

I live in a world where people ask the innate intelligence of Nature for permission before they do anything to a tree or plant.

What kind of world do you want to live in?

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CLICK TO SEE SLIDE SHOW. . . . . . The Catalpa tree leafed-out late and looked thin. This was the Catalpa tree at the time it received its Tree Whispering bio-energy treatment on June 1, 2014.
Just 19 days later, the Catalpa is fully leafed out and appears very healthy.
IMG_2625 061914 Omega Catalpa
In the autumn of 2014, the Catalpa still looks very healthy. It had a good growth season and stored food for the winter.

Students Help Catalpa Tree Make a Turn-Around

A fabulous old Catalpa tree stands at the front of the dining hall of Omega Institute campus in Rhinebeck, NY.  The winter of 2013-2014 was severe.  Lots of deep cold weather took its toll on this important tree. It was late leafing out and it looks thin.  A tree in this condition could easily go into decline and die.

We brought students at our yearly Omega Institute Workshop to the tree to practice the Tree Whispering and Cooperative BioBalance bioenergy-based treatments that they were learning that weekend.  The group commitment to the tree’s health was powerful for the tree and empowering for them.

Dr. Jim Conroy shares: “This tree was in a downward spiral of decline.  I could only feel the tree’s Life Force weakly–even tho it had leaves.  Then as the treatment was progressing with the students of the workshop, I felt something that I have only felt a few times before.

“The tree’s Life Force made a turn upward.  It “shifted.” In my inner intuitive hearing, I could make out the tree tell me that it wanted to live and was willing to use all of its remaining resources to give it a try.  It said that it would put out all the leaves it could so that it would have a chance to make more food for itself and to recover from the cold winter.

“This is a bit unusual, but in 19 days, the tree was fully leafed out. On my testing scale, it showed to be much, much healthier than it had been at the time the workshop participants and I did the healing treatment.”

Tree Whispering® Workshop participants make a big different to this tree.