Sharing information and messages from the wisdom of trees and all Nature Beings.

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“Can’t Make Enough Food For Myself”

Huntington, West VA tree near a golf course.

Dr. Jim “heard” this tree call out to him asking for help.  As he worked with it intuitively, he discovered that the tree couldn’t make enough food for itself the previous summer.  At this point in spring, the tree “explained” that it was reluctant to use its remaining resources to push out leaves because it didn’t know whether or not the leaves would survive.

It was a dilemma that many trees go through when they are stressed or in decline.  This situation often leads to their death.  However, through his Tree Whispering and Cooperative BioBalance tree-healing and balancing systems, Dr. Jim can work with the bioenergy, the Life Force, and the internal feedback loops of functionality.  His interaction through conscious intentionality helps the trees to re-align their inner systems and re-establish the proper sequences in physiology.

Sharing information and messages from the wisdom of trees and all Nature Beings.

"Hey! Whatcha doin’?"


I was working on a Maple tree in Blairstown, NJ.  This tree is in front of a stately home with lots of woods around.  While I was doing my bioenergy healing treatment on the Maple, it was obvious to me that the other Maples, Pines and other trees nearby were reaching out their energy fields.  It was as if they were saying “Hey!  Whatcha doin’ with our buddy?”
They wanted some of the energy treatment as well.  It’s a little like when someone rubs your shoulders.  Everybody else in the room wants that, too.
I could feel the other trees’ energy fields leaning toward me.  They were reaching out to be in  my energy field and the energy field of the sick tree I was treating.  This gave me a whole new feeling for community and how trees operate in community.
So, I told the other trees that I realized they were there.
I said to them:  “I know you’re here. I want you to have the treatment as well.  Please help this sick tree.”
They were very willing to help.