All about learning how to enjoy and help trees.

Telesummit Interview at Healing Earth, Healing Self

HealingEarthHealingSelf The Healing Earth, Healing Self Telesummit gathered together a wonderful group of experts speaking around the topic that wellness the planet and wellness for individuals is highly inter-related.

Conroy and Alexander were honored to be a part of this wonderful group. Chara has allowed us to make the recording available here for no charge. However, we highly recommend clicking on this link to visit Mutual Flourishing for Self & Earth and hear the Healing Earth, Healing Self telesummit recordings and others on her website.

All about learning how to enjoy and help trees.

Kathryn Greene, Tree Protector and art gallery owner.
IMG_2370 Kathryn Greene
Innovative art in her outdoor space.
Tree Whispering participants experience the Life Force of trees during a guided visualization exercise.
The Class photo.
IMG_5152[1] Guiford Intro Class 071214

2014 Tree Whispering Introduction at Innovative Art Gallery

Kathyrn Greene of the Greene Art Gallery, Guilford, CT, hosted a Tree Whispering and Cooperative BioBalance introduction on a fine summer’s day.  The wonderful paintings that she sells are shown in an indoor space, but she also uses the field outside her property for innovative showings and events, like ours.

Kathryn is also a dedicated Tree Protector.  She speaks on behalf of the trees in the city center park right across the street from her gallery.

All about learning how to enjoy and help trees.

CLICK TO SEE SLIDE SHOW. . . . . . . Students enjoy a guided visualization with the Omega Institute trees. The experience is a profound re-connection with Nature for all! With their expanding intuition, they receive personal and profound messages from the Intelligence of Nature.
A little classroom time...
Dr. Jim Conroy explaining Cooperative BioBalance.
Students listen to Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander. The two try to do as much teaching out with the trees as possible and not so much in the classroom.
Practice with expanding intuition, receiving messages, and the Tree Whispering techniques out in the Omega forest.
Practice with expanding intuition, receiving messages, and the Tree Whispering techniques along the main campus walkway.
Practicing Tree Whispering with the big old Catalpa tree that needed help after a severe winter.
Wonderful class photo!
P1350042 2014 omega class

Fun for All! 2014 Omega Institute Workshop Highlights EcoPeace Treaties

The first evening: a Tree Whispering® and Cooperative BioBalance® hands-on guided visualization with the trees of Omega campus.  It’s a moving and sacred moment when the students bond with the trees and with each other.

Practicing EcoPeace Treaties on Ash trees in the Omega forest.

This class was the happiest crew yet!!

All about learning how to enjoy and help trees.

Introduction to Tree Whispering in the Peach Orchard

People love to touch the trees and open their hearts to  trees’ messages.  Here’s a group receiving an introduction to Tree Whispering® from Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer®.

He talks about the way that his  Cooperative BioBalance® approach can bring ecosystem members into harmony, thereby improving the health of all.

Attendees “stepped inside the tree’s world. They experienced their own deep connection with the trees by participating in a guided visualization exercise.

One Tree Protector said, “I felt as though I had gone down into the tree’s roots and knew what it was like for them to grow.”

IMG_2262 IMG_2266






All about learning how to enjoy and help trees.

The whole class posed for a photo.
Basia Alexander and Dr. Jim Conroy
Basia Alexander and Dr. Jim Conroy with participants.
Grad Updater Smiles

2013 Graduate Updater Class

Cooperative BioBalance and Tree Whispering have advanced so much in the last year, that we decided to offer a graduate updater class.  We had the perfect day and a wonderful group attended!

The workshop had a bit of classroom time, but the best part was being out with the trees.


All about learning how to enjoy and help trees.


2013 Tree Whispering Workshop at the Omega Institute

The workshop brings forth wonderful camaraderie and learning as people experience the Life Force of trees and experience their own empowerment.

Authors and nature communication experts Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander show us how their bioenergy integration techniques offer viable and sustainable solutions for transforming Read more…

All about learning how to enjoy and help trees.

Tree Whispering with seedlings? Yes. Every plant has a Life Force and people can open their hearts and intuitions to re-connect with Nature and "hear" their messages.
Dr. Jim Conroy leads the group.
CLICK TO SEE SLIDE SHOW. . . . . . Participants go into their greenhouse to experience the Life Force of the tiny seedlings they recently planted.
Lunch after the introduction to Tree Whispering was bountiful.
The farm kitchen was warm with friendship.
Apprentices on the farm participated. They were inspired to be more aware of the Life Energy in the plants that they work with.

Tree Whispering Introduction at an Organic Farm

Tree Whispering isn’t just for trees.  Anyone can re-connect through their hearts, minds, and intuition with Nature–and that includes tiny seedlings.

The seedlings have immense Life Force.  Judge them by their size?  And well we should not, because they contain all the potential to be a large, mature plant.

Find out more at’s Science and Consciousness section.

All about learning how to enjoy and help trees.

CLICK TO SEE SLIDES. . . . The Connecticut Graduate Review was held under this amazing tree.
Connecticut Grad Review class photo.
Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander teaching at the New Jersey Graduate Review.
photo 6
The class gathers around a tree to experience its Life Force and to do the Tree Whispering processes that they learned in their original classes.
photo 2
New Jersey Graduate Review class photo.

2012 Graduate Review Workshops, CT & NJ

So many new developments occur each year in Dr. Jim Conroy’s research that we like to hold graduate review classes.

All about learning how to enjoy and help trees.

CLICK TO SEE SLIDES. . . . . . Participants doing a guided visualization exercise around the trunk and branches of a magnificent Maple in front of Laura's home in Greenwich, CT.
P1250563 meditation
Participants use sensory input and intuitive awareness to experience the Life Force of the Maple tree.
Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander teaching.
P1250599 teaching
Q&A at the Intro...
P1250598 teaching
Touching the tree helps people to feel closer to it. Tactile sensation also is a form of communication.
P1250583 hands touch

2012 Greenwich, CT, Introduction to Tree Whispering

Participants use their intuition and sensory acuity to experience the communications and wisdom from the trees at the Tree Whispering introduction.

Find out more about Tree Whispering under the About menu at this site.

Learn about Cooperative BioBalance and EcoPeace Treaties, too.

All about learning how to enjoy and help trees.

CLICK TO SEE SLIDES. . . . . . This is the map that participants used to find the marked trees what would be part of the Triple Network Event.
We had a brief introduction to Tree Whispering first.
P1250980 Rachel 081812
Then we met under the prized Chestnut tree for a briefing.
2012-08-18 11.13.15 Chestnut
Dr. Jim and Basia take questions.
2012-08-18 11.06.19
The Triple Network event continues with participants dialing into the conference. call.
2012-08-18 11.00.20
Another view of the fantastic Chestnut tree.
2012-08-18 11.20.00

2012 Triple Network Event In Red Hook, NY

What is a Triple Network event?
1. Your phone’s cellular network.
2. The network of countless trees in an ecosystem.
3. A gathering of people willing to help the trees and ecosystem become healthier.

Combine all three and you get an event in which Dr. Jim leads a tree-healing session with a group of people who all go to pre-marked trees on a property.

Then, everyone calls into a popular conference line. Dr. Jim lead the tree-healing processes for everyone to participate in. It was great fun and it helped this Ash tree Ecosystem.

After a brief introduction to Tree Whispering, participants centered their attentions on various trees.  Then, they called into a conference phone line — everyone was connected!!