Coastal Live Oak “TreLanYa”-Coming from OAK’s Point of View, Part 1

You can receive messages from trees while Tree Whispering. This magnificent Coastal Live Oak in the Bay area of northern California has some profound things to say about how people can come from a tree’s point of view.

This message came through Ms. Basia Alexander, and is the first of many messages from TreLanYa about coming from OAK’s point of view.

“The point of view of any particular Oak Being growing on a hill or in a valley or anywhere will have to do with its life in that place. Seeing through that Oak Being’s eyes—so to speak—would be so enjoyable for a person!

“While we don’t have physical eyes, we have awareness of vibration in a keen way of things around us so we might as well have eyes. We do see but more as a sensory would take readings. We ‘see’ a little like your military’s infra-red goggles are tuned to heat, so we perceive shapes. We do this through our surface-layer of energy—not through any dedicated organ such an an eye.

“Having established our ability to perceive the world around us, we would like to talk about our discernment about the world around us.

“Discernment is a kind of knowing. How do we know anything? Well, how do you know anything? Ahh! Good question, yes?

“Without taking all the steps of getting master’s degrees in physiology and psychology, please trust us to say that we DO know about our world and your world.

  • We discern not so much facts or data, but rather differences in the environment as well as people’s intent.
  • We know about subtle differences in humidity.
  • We recognize and understand other trees whether they are Oaks or other species of trees or plants.
  • We detect other organisms as well—and know their purposes.
  • We determine the best paths for our own growth. In other words we know how to grow a new leaf, a new branch, and a new root, and we know in which direction. We know how much of our inner resources to apply toward any particular area of growth.
  • We differentiate between friendly humans, indifferent humans, and those who would harm us.

“How do we know?

“Your whole Beingness is located in your heartspace. Information about your Beingness is contained in the oscillation of your heartbeats. That information gets radiated out via your surface-layer of energy, and we can read that—shall we say—like a book? In fact, it is our supreme expertise to do so.

“That is how we communicate with each other. The radiating pulse that comes from every living Being is like a song in its variability and beauty.

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