CLICK TO SEE THE OTHER TREE... This one is the Ginkgo in back of Rachel's place in Brooklyn, NY.
Rachel Ginkgo
This is Rachel's street tree.
Rachel Bklyn street Sycamore

Rachel’s trees in Brooklyn, NY, after Hurricane Sandy

“In Brooklyn, I worked on three trees in front of my brownstone in Park Slope, and on three trees behind my building. I worked on them before the storm and completely throughout the storm. They said to me they knew a terrible storm was coming and appreciated the same prep work that I gave my Red Hook, NY, trees.

Rachel continued:  “The trees were so alarmed during the storm! I got up several times in the night to keep talking to them. It’s like getting up in the night to take care of a baby or a sick dog. They are as alive as we are, and I feel that they are deserving of the same respect.

“The big Ginkgo tree behind my house was really struggling as the winds blew so hard. I felt her say, “Please help me and stay with me.” The Ginkgo was truly disturbed by the wind. She is a very large tree and still had green leaves on her. In 2011, during Hurricane Irene, she lost a big limb.

“As I tuned into her Life Force and energy, I knew that she was afraid of losing another limb or of falling over. I kept repeating “Roots, please grip soil and earth with all your might” and “Element of Earth, please hold roots tight.  This grounded her into the earth.

“Since she is in a tight space between my Brownstone and neighboring buildlings (and could have easily leveled both my home and my neighbor’s home), I asked her not to dance around too much. She laughed and said she was doing her best.

“I checked on the street trees in front of my townhouse throughout the stormy night too. They said, “We are holding our own.” They appreciated my grounding effort and constant support. They told me they would work in community to keep themselves safe and secure.

“I live near Prospect Park in Brooklyn.  They lost hundreds of trees. It’s so sad. I wonder if a small army of people could have gone out to give the park’s trees the Storm Prep Whispers?  Maybe the park would not have lost as many trees”

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