The force of hurricane Sandy was predicted days in advance. Trees were clearly one of the most effected elements in the storm. Was there, or better yet, is there a way to prepare our trees for nature’s outbursts? Our storm preparations presented the answer: Yes!

— Sabine’s Green Ballerinas, Oak before and after Hurricane Sandy

Green Ballerinas

Dr. Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander arrived to “tune into” the trees on our property the day before the storm.  He led Basia and me through a meditation, which emphasized two elements:

• strong anchoring of the trees’ root systems into the earth, and

• supple, dance-like qualities for the trunks, limbs and branches.

Throughout the storm I continued meditations with our trees.

The result: While we lost one large tree at the far corner of our property in what appears to have been a small twister across four properties, ALL of our other majestic, old trees stood.

The next day there were only twigs (!) to pick up. My landscaper thought I was making it up but finally personally observed my three little piles of twigs in disbelief.

While all around us on adjacent properties trees fell upward of ten trees per property only one came down on our property. It revealed a rotted core and sadly took three other trees with it. Most Importantly, however, the old, 100+foot trees that surround our home all stood !

I consider them the heroes of this storm and thank them every day for their beauty and strength!

Sabine’s majestic Oak tree, Greenwich, Connecticut, is another survivor.

Sabine's Oak Original 120112

Photo taken by Sabine in November, after Sandy

IMG_0043 Sabine's Oak 102712

Photo taken just 2 days before Sandy hit.

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