Can You Whisper?

WHISPERS are intentional messages, conveyed from the heart, that save trees or plants AND empower people.

YES!  You can WHISPER.  Countless people have already WHISPERED with their trees and plants.  You’ll see photos of many of them on these websites.

And, WHISPERING works!  Thousands of people saved their trees during Hurricane Sandy with the Storm Prep Whispers™.  Read their own words in the book People Saving Their Trees in Hurricane Sandy.

Use Whispers to Help Your Trees  

If you want to go further than just a pleasant sense of connection and rapport with Nature, you can use the STORM PREP WHISPERS™ or the CLIMATE WHISPERS™ introduced in this section.

When giving WHISPERS to a tree or plant, people use a set of structured and positive intentions.  They talk from their hearts to Green Beings and, so, help those trees and plants to survive and thrive.  Healthy trees and plants mean a healthier you and an environmentally flourishing planet.

Want More?  
If you want to learn more, expand yourself, and have a good time, you may

  • take classes or workshops: learn how to “come from the plant’s or tree’s point of view.”
  • read books: enjoy stories about amazing trees and their messages
  •  attending gatherings: do hands-on tree-healing yourself

It’s a two-way street: helping trees and plants become healthier benefits your well-being, too.