TWg NLG Cover Shot smTree Whispering: A Nature Lover’s Guide to Touching, Healing, and Communicating with Trees, Plants, and All of Nature

The book Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover’s Guide to Touching, Healing, and Communicating with Trees, Plants, and All of Nature offers a simple yet profound and inspiring experience of communicating with Green Beings.

It guides readers – step by step and with stories – through conscious practices to come from trees’ and plants’ point of view. It provides useful bioenergy healing techniques and respectful approaches for rejuvenating tree and plant health from the inside-out while awakening spiritual upliftment.

By adopting a wise world-view – moving away from human-centric attitudes and moving toward cooperation, partnership, and co-creativity with all Nature – readers will celebrate their strengthened connections to Nature’s Beings.


P1210021 book spiral ttp cover-croppedTree Whispering: Trust the Path Notebook and Journal

This companion notebook and journal is small, light-weight and spiral bound for easy opening, carrying, and adding entries.

With “Try This” exercises, readers may conveniently take the notebook with them anywhere––into the woods or into backyards.

The bottom of the journaling pages displays wise quotes and insightful advice from graduates of Tree Whispering workshops.




SandyCoverFinalPeople Saving Their Trees in Hurricane Sandy

People Saving Their Trees in Hurricane Sandy will raise funds for charities to plant trees in the stricken areas.

Readers will enjoy these inspiring, heartfelt, and heroic stories from people who used the Tree Whispering® Storm Prep Whispers™ to help their trees survive Hurricane Sandy and to empower themselves in the face of disaster.





ColoringBookCoverMessages from Trees: A Coloring Book for the Young and Young-at-Heart

What do trees have to say?  First of all, that they are alive! Then, they tell you their story.  Apply colorful creativity while meeting the same trees that have profound messages for all people––the young and young-at-heart.  Kids can share their drawings and stories at






TTW10T_n_PInsights_CoverSM The Tree Whisperer’s 10 Tree and Plant Insights

Did you know that trees and plants encounter life-and-death dilemmas every day and have to analyze the best way to use their inner resources?  Step inside of the tree’s world with The Tree Whisperer, Dr. Jim Conroy, and feel an expanded and satisfying connection with the living Beings of Nature.

The Tree Whisperer’s 10 Tree and Plant Insights, is an enlightening and engaging story-book about communicating with our beloved trees to improve their health, and thereby enhance our own lives.

The Tree Whisperer®, Dr. Jim Conroy, asks trees about their inner workings and tells the inner secrets of their lives. True sustainability on our small planet requires the new attitudes toward Nature fostered in this book:

  • cooperation not domination,
  • equal partnership with all living Beings for enlightened stewardship,
  • confidence in the validity of both a personal intuitive communication with trees as well as the sacred connection-experience with them.

Dr. Conroy’s work promises the possibility of restoring livable dynamic balance within Nature––including people––even in our lifetimes.


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