Please send your questions about learning Tree Whispering to

Basia (at) TreeWhispering (dot) com


Omega Institute Yearly Workshop

The premier event of the year is our workshop at the Omega Institute.  It’s usually held in June–the weekend AFTER Memorial Day.

PLEASE go to the Calendar at our sister website to find out about the next Workshop.


Coming Soon!!!

Basic Talks and Courses are Sometimes Available

  • A Tree Whispering BIG OLD TREE ADVENTURE
  • Tree Whispering: Making the Deep Connection with Nature
  • A Revolutionary New Way to Deal with Invasive Organisms in Your Backyard EcoSystem
  • The Tree Whisperer’s 10 Tree and Plant Insights
  • A Quiet Walk in the Woods with The Tree Whisperer®

Pricing for classes and workshops is reasonable.  Partial or full scholarships are sometimes available.

Books and other products will be available for sale and can be personalized for you or as a gift!

You can always ask Dr. Jim and Basia your specific questions!  Bring photos of your trees or plants.

Customized talks or keynote addresses are available for your organization.


Advanced Courses  – Diploma Course

  • These courses are still being developed.
  • The courses will probably be available in some combination of  in-person and online formats.

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