What is Tree Whispering?

Tree Whispering should be called “Nature Listening” because it’s all about opening one’s heart, mind, and intuition to the communication from deep intelligence in Nature.

You are better at receiving non-verbal information than you think.

What are we "saying?"

What are we “saying?”

What are we "saying?"

What are we “saying?”








Tree Whispering® is essentially a personal experience.  It goes beyond “hugging” or “organics” into deep appreciation and heart-to-heart connection with the sacredness of life.  So, to communicate with the intelligence in trees, plants, and other living Beings of Nature, you can easily tune up your senses and perceptive skills with Tree Whispering exercises. You’ll be able to step inside their world.

Learning how to tune up senses and open intuition

Learning how to tune up senses and open intuition

You can connect with the Green Beings in your own backyard or while you take a quiet walk in the woods just by quieting your inner chatter, opening your heart, and allowing the wisdom in Nature to come to you.

What is Tree Whispering?    
It is touching a tree.
It is opening the heart and using intuition.
It is allowing Nature’s wisdom to be heard.

Tree Whispering is a deeply personal––and sometimes profound––experience of connection between one’s core self and living Beings of Nature such as trees and plants.  The bond all people have with Nature is validated and magnified.  People come to see trees––and their own world––through new eyes.




They are touching a tree,
    opening their hearts to a bigger experience,
          using their intuitions to know or feel impressions,
                 allowing themselves to receive communication and wisdom.

They are listening to Nature.   They are Tree Whispering.

Hearing Nature’s Wisdom. Open the heart, expand intuition.

Go beyond talk to mutual dialog with the living Beings of Nature.

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